Up To The Challenge

Through out our relationship with the GAD Kenya leadership, King of Victory Church and the Parent Committee at Neema Nuru Academy we have spoken in terms of future self sustainability.  The core purpose is that this community and these leaders find the long term solutions to their dilemmas caused by the cycle of poverty and Illiteracy.  If you stop for a minute to think about the scope of this challenge it is indeed daunting.

While the leadership to begin the process towards self sustainability must come from the current group of leaders it may well be, in fact in our opinion is, the emerging generation and those to follow who will either take up the task to overcome the cycle of poverty and illiteracy or drop back to their predecessors statutes of priority and turn inward. The case could certainly be made that the challenges facing the church and society in rural Kenya are not much different from our own.

The number of days is short until I will again be in the village of Rionchogu, Kenya.  School will be on Holiday for most of the students in the GAD Kenya scholarship program.  I hope to have the chance to talk with each, at the very least those who are just completing their Secondary education and those now in Higher Education opportunities.

Amazing time as the beginning of transition is upon us and the future is visible in these young men and women.  Our brothers and sisters in Christ who are committed to making a difference, pursuing God’s purpose in their lives.

May this season of hope reach beyond the decorations, celebrations and holiday spirit. May each of us see ourselves in the role of the future of the church, not willing to rely on some other group to be the healing touch and the touch of His hand. May we accept, as the students in Rionchogu are, the responsibility to more than embrace but initiate and fuel the changes ahead in our personal purpose from the Father.