Dependence; on what

    Where is the right path? What is the right path? How much of my attention is on me, my view of the world and how this world spins and how much of it is tuned to the Still Soft voice of the One whom I desire to follow



    The more I see and experience the less certain I am of my own ability to journey in the purpose of God without embracing the reality that His ways are not my ways.  The Path of His Appointing is the desire of my heart, the path of comfort in the garden is the desire of the world and all it holds dear, I admit time in the garden. Simply and visually the journey on His path is straight and without regard for my purity or personal purpose, I will not stay on this path all the time because the straight path is totally dependent on the light which I must seek first.  My natural/human path is dependent on my own system of priorities and self.  It seems this is somewhat akin to differences in this image and a ‘Maze’.  The sadness to me is that much of the time we are perfectly comfortable in the maze.


    In the beautiful garden of comfort the path leads to where we want to wander, even in our most peaceful attitudes the journey may turn away. Is it possible that what we experience and live, while supported by all we know, is our simple denial of a greater purpose; that purpose determined by the One made dim by our filtered views?  Is it possible that what we believe is more directly tied to our societal, personal, religious and economic goals than it is directed by the voice of the One whom we can not see, the one we find so hard to follow that we squabble about our views to the point of wars and atrocity? Jesus wept. Is he weeping now? Are we deeply committed to being the body of the living Christ or are we committed more to the beauty and comfort of the garden we have worked so hard to build?

    Take a look at this link, ask; how far from such a dependence do I live?

    Would you?