African tree in landscape, red earth, mountains and clouds in the distance.

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COME and see Kenya

Immersive Travel

Iesha in Kenya, leaning and looking out in to the forest in a blue shirt with her hair up.

Immersive travel is all the buzz these days, and there are few places that allow a true immersive experience like Rionchogu, Kenya—a rural village in the equatorial highlands of Africa.

There you will revel in intimate travel experiences, free of commercialization and full of rich authentic interaction, allowing you to immerse yourself in local customs and shatter preconceived cultural ideas. You will experience expansive travel that enlightens while helping to boost a micro-economy. Immersive travel doesn’t get any better than that.

Those who crave a truly hands-on and unique experience will find themselves taking memories home that will change their perspectives forever. Not only that, you will make lifelong friends with a warm and gracious people, who will never forget you!



Challenge yourself – Travel to Kenya!

Travelers posing with Masai man

Join us on a journey of a lifetime. Find yourself while peering into the eyes of others. Learn about a welcoming and enthusiastic people, who will fill your heart to the brim. Surround yourself with unspoiled nature in the beauty that is rural Kenya.

Looking for a travel idea for your club, society or family? Groups (up to eight people per visit) are welcome!


COME and see Kenya

Traveler recommendations

Evan Potter with his Uncle Jon and Bud Potter“I feel that this trip showed me a new perspective that I don’t think I could’ve gotten anywhere else. It changed me, to walk through life looking and appreciating things differently. To be more thankful for what I have and to work harder and take advantage of my opportunities.”

—Evan Potter


Lynn and Rebekah sitting inside next to each other with slight peaceful smiles.“My 2017 trip to Kenya transformed the way I think, feel, and look at Kenya. Experiencing the beauty of the country and the people deepened my commitment to be an agent of change.”

—Lynn Gaede


Terry Debay standing near van surrounded by curious and loving Kenyan children.“I felt like royalty and was treated so, by all of the kids and adults. I’d go back in a heartbeat! If anyone reading this is contemplating a trip, Just “Do it!” It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!”
—Terry Debay


Some of the take-aways:

  • Gain a greater appreciation of our world
  • Enjoy eye-opening & inspiring travel
  • Participate in impactful & positive interactions
  • Culturally authentic experiences
  • Challenge yourself in an exciting new way

Package includes:

  • Transportation from Nairobi to the village of Rionchogu
  • Accommodations while in the village
  • Meals while in the village
  • Plenty of activities and experiences
Can include:
  • A safari excursion to the Masaii Mara National Reserve, a savannah wilderness in southwest Kenya.

Complete assistance with transportation, accommodations and logistics are provided. Your hosts are anticipating your arrival, aware of special dietary needs and desires, making every effort to make your stay comfortable and pleasurable. What are you waiting for?


COME and see Kenya

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