Dropping Back In – at 47!

Gabriel Nyae, aged 47 and father to seven children, returned to secondary school 27 years after he graduated from primary school in 1988. He couldn’t afford the school fees associated with attending secondary school, which he had hoped would secure a better future. Instead he looked for a job and was employed as a farm helper.

The desire to acquire knowledge is what encouraged me to go back to school with the hope of finally getting an opportunity to go beyond basic education.said Nyae

Nyae finds nothing but value in returning to school, learning within the company of children, because he views this as an opportunity to vastly change his life through education. He returns with the support of his family, even though it’s is a challenge to provide and support them entirely. That said, he still was able to rank 21st out of a class of 59, earning a score of 271 marks in the first term exams.

Head teacher Mr. Ali Omar is inspired by Nyae’s desire to return to school, which is why he admitted him. Nyae’s goal is to attend college once he has completed secondary school. He knows that it will change his life. Nyae advises the other students to work extra hard and value learning because education is the only key to a good life. “He is good example and a motivation to other pupils as he makes them appreciate that the future is bleak if they fail to work hard in their studies.” said Joseph Kilonzo, class teacher. Student Saida Kombo says Nyae guides them, especially those who go astray.

This life-altering stance is on the rise. Older people going or returning to school serves as a valuable model for students of any age. Two such models include Priscilla Sitienei a 90-year-old grandmother from rural Kenya and the late Kimani Maruge who joined school at the age of 80.

A BIG round of applause for these wise folks!