All Things are Possible

Incredible, amazing, A first, unthinkable just a few years ago.  A young woman, Demaris O., from a very poor family who has been in the secondary sponsor program through GAD Kenya and infact was even supported in small ways in primary, scored high enough to receive a full Government sponsorship to University.

All of our travelers have met her, encouraged her. She has worked hard and now becomes a very real example of the hope that changes it all.

Each year we wait patiently to receive the outcome of the test scores for the students in Secondary school. These scores determine the possible courses available to the students and how these might be affordable. This year there are several students who will have the chance to advance, most will be required to gain a letter of admission and try to raise the funds. Demaris,while not the first fully funded student receiving Government support is the first woman.


Above is Demaris on the right with her sister Janet on the left and our intern Lindsay Ritter. Lindsay’s family supported Demaris throughout her Secondary efforts.

Dedicated young people given opportunity, opportunity born of hope, because of people such as the Ritter Family and their hearts to help.

There are days when it seems the wheels of change move very visibly. I can look back at some very exciting days, months of our involvement with the people in Rionchogu Kenya, and remember specific examples of the progress, change and hope which has been a part of our relationship.

Education is, however, a very important factor which is not so visible and which takes literally years to reveal the potential of change for the community. Each year the primary purpose of GAD Kenya and GADL is to provide opportunity to the children of families mired in poverty to grow through education. This growth, though slow, is, we believe, the only real instrument with the power to bring that change so desperately necessary to break the generational cycles of poverty and illiteracy.


The family, mom and 5 kids (well 6 counting the one with glasses), typical and traditional. Their lives have all changed. We too change, everyone does in some way. Sharing life with people from a different history changes both. So it is with our visitors.

The people living right here in the USA who have had an empowering effect for Demaris specifically and the village in general took financial responsibility to see that secondary education opportunity was not missed due to tuition fees. You know who you are and we all have been blessed by you. Any others who may sense it is time to get involved, you are most welcome and very much needed.

The Elephant in the room is the cycle of poverty and illiteracy which robs the young of opportunity.

This year we had two new students who were sent home due to lack of fees. The battle never ends quickly, to continue to experience days such as today we need friends who will stay involved over the long run so we might be able to continue to provide the opportunity that opens the door to new life, the opportunity of education.

Help us erase this cycle, help us reduce the impact of the elephant, one student at a time.

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