Challenges to change

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Always. It seems, there are those who embrace a status quo with out regards to the affect, that is the real affect on the potential of any effort to bring new priorities. So it is in the village. For Rionchogu the most entrenched in damaging traditions are the men. For centuries the men have lived the undisciplined lives of expecting women caring for food, children, work in the field and every other complication of life except standing on the corners chatting about . . . and wasting away their time. Granted this may be a very generalized view but it is one of the most predominate challenges to any cultural move forward.

During a conversation with Pastor Kiefa he mentioned his great pride and affection for the women who had broken a traditional barrier. They were making a decision. That is right, they were making a decision to help others and not asking their husbands for permission. The outcome was a simple as helping elderly women to plant, weed and prepare for harvest small plots of Maize so the elderly would have food for the winter. This may sound overly dramatic, but it is ground breaking and culturally defiant in rural Kenya.

These are the kind of activities which are becoming more an option for the groups who have in the past been at the mercy of men who wanted the gift and control and none of the responsibility.

There is movement, yes, among many men who have taken up the challenge and embraced the opportunities that come with the discipline and accountability to authority related to the village and relationships. This is our hope and our Prayer.

The vision of Pastor Kiefa is being embraced by more and more, this is a difficult transition. The villagers are beginning to believe. Our support becomes more and more a significant ingredient in the successful outcome.