2008 – WEDNESDAY, DEC 10

I have not the words to even begin this update, but I will get rolling here shortly. May each of you be blessed greatly in this season of reminding us of what life really means. I have attached an email received today from Pastor Kiefa Ontiri who, as you know, is the man to whom God gave this vision and heart for the poor and the children. I do not expect you to be able to read between the lines so I will give you a brief view at what is current for today.

The cause of education has been embraced by many in the village and the role for scholarships may swell to over 40. As the invisible reality of the dream of a future with education becomes even more visible, I expect this number to grow each year. Today and for the near future, my best guess is that, we you and me, Go and Do Likewise and friends will be the source for this open gate to the future.

The health of the community is being raised up to awareness; the vehicle has already provided visual proof of hope; the sick have been transported and healed, the poor have been fed and the children have been provided for. The nutrition brought by cows and the beginning of sanitization or at least improved sanitization at the school, gives hope.

The Micro Franchise efforts continue to grow, bringing not only economic opportunity to the women but new sense of hope and growth for a new future.

The leadership taken by Kiefa and the others involved both with the church and Go and Do Kenya has been the strength of promise.

Economic opportunity through export to Middle Eastern markets is being explored and moving very rapidly.

Electricity is only being held up by economics. ( that equates to the lack of funds)

Water is waiting only for final drilling certificate from the government. ( this will also require funds)

The local government representatives for Health, Nutrition, Agriculture and Animal health are very willing and eager to work with Go and Do Kenya. There is no cost for their help, but the projects undertaken will require funds.

I know of no other words to explain what is happening, except to say, God has determined to do a quick work in that place.

Read Kiefa’s email

Dear brother Bud, Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Brother Bud i am out of the village since yesterday morning and we are together with edward and Elijah for the purpose of facilitating our permanent church registration. We came together with our driver Innocent. We are using afriend of my brother in law who works in sheria house. We have paid the application fees Ksh 40,000 and are waiting the approval of the Attoney general and if approved we shall be required to pay Ksh 20000 for the certificate. It is a hard process but we trust that with God all things are possible. We have done the application in the name of KING OF VICTORY CHURCH. This will enable us open more church branches. So we hope after the receipt of the registration certificate, our church shall be called KENYORO KING OF VICTORY CHURCH. We hope to register GAD kenya after succeeding this one. You can call me tomorrow. Let all look unto the lord for the provision of this short of Ksh 350,000 for scholarship. Brother Bud we slept in my cousin`s house here in Nairobi and beside her is a pastor who is caring for five orphans, however i advised him not to call this children as orphans but call them Children at risky because two of them were street children. They had no food, no water and they were anly singing. Well having compassion on this innocent children, i told thev three of to visit this children they welcomed us with praising songs and the pastor told me that he lives in a rental house and he depends on well wishers. We assisted them with 50 kg bags of rice. We bought this rice in a super market and transported it in GAD Kenya vehicle to this pastor`s home to help this children. Children in Africa are really suffering. The electricity quotation cost has been received at home by my wife Rachel. The cost for installation is Ksk 525,000 ($ about 7000). On phone the kenya power and lighting company has assured me now that within two months the two families will have electricity is we make the payment as soon as possible. Brother Terry, having the solar panels here will help very much but i believe that transporting them here will be very costly bur should you it be cheap to transport them here,it will be a great blessing. Brother Bud and Terry, i wish to inform you that we have requested our members here to donate in kind or financially to help the poor with Christmas gifts. This is targeted to children at risk but not those ones that im taking care of in my home, the old and the sick. This time we need to share God`s blessings and Christmas with these untouched needy people. We need them to taste the love of God. I am requesting you to send us a donation for the Christmas blessings and gifts towards the poor. Two days after the Christmas the Kenya national exam for Grade 8 students results shall be announced. Brother Benjamin has called me on phone and has again assured me that he is working on the authorization certificate. May God bless you ,wish you a merry Christmas and prosperous and blessed new year. Pastor Kiefa


Bud here again, I realize the spelling and the use of our language may make this a little more difficult to read and understand, however, I think too the general tone of the times can not be mistaken. For a village to gather from their own poverty an amount to give to poor other than their own children is way out of the box for these people, other than the leadership. They have seen what you have done, what Our Lord has done through you and are learning the blessing of giving. Frankly, they are beginning to act as a people with hope, a people with a new confidence in a future directed by their Lord.

As you can see, in the days after Christmas we will know the number of accepted children and will know the requirement for scholarships.

I am learning to be at peace in the midst of the Chaos

Today we are about $4,500.00 short (estimated). While I am sure there are additional monies coming, I am also sure that without, each of us, seeking peace once again about our own involvement or asking others we know to help. The potential for leaving some children behind looms before us.

My dear friends, this is worthy, these are not unknown people and faces. These people are anxious to meet you and greet you in their own homes and make you welcome. They are not strangers, they are friends. The villagers of Rionchogu are friends, my friends, desiring to be your friends, who are learning the responsibility of change and the hope that comes with Faith.

Join me as this year comes to an end and as we celebrate this marvelous season. Such love as this brought forth the Son of God and brings forth His work in Rionchogu. Such love as this I have for you and your support for what is happening in Kenya.

Blessings and this love I send to you

Bud Potter