2008 – TUESDAY, NOV 18

Each of these updates bring with it a new albeit sometimes consistent attitude on my part, I find myself today, with a challenge to myself. That challenge is urgency.

Now there are no issues in the village of Rionchogu that are any more urgent today than they have been for decades or longer, but the awareness of these issues, for me and for you have brought more visibility and I hope, in each of our hearts a sense of urgency and possibility, that we would not have had otherwise. I know I would not have had any sense of my own ability to influence the future for so many to such a drastic degree.

I look over the email list of friends, associates, brothers and sisters of the faith, family and co workers and each of you I see in my mind. So, you might understand this is personal. Maybe it should not be, but the recipients of our assistance are so full of promise and new hope and even planning on a future when just a few months ago many of them still lived in a world where the only question of future was, will we have food today, it is personal.

There was no hope for water, or education, no planning for the future and certainly no educational future for most of the children. Today all that has changed and before us, you and me, is an opportunity to do something very special.

It will, however, take some courage and some possible paranormal thinking. No, no space aliens and such, but, trust and financial support, even at a very low level on a regular basis, for what we are doing. I have shared over the past months the steps we have taken, for many, even the process of verification and my own sense of hesitation. We have shared the initiation and the greeting and the first steps and the small hope and now the new hope.

On December 5th the grade scores for the students will be reviewed for all those who have been on scholarship this year. Each will be interviewed with their parents, as will the 8th graders who are finishing up their National test for secondary entrance. Application will be presented for the 2009 school year and we expect 33 students will be presented for this opportunity. These do not include students whose parents could afford the education. These are kids who may well lose a life opportunity or at the very least have it made nearly impossible, except for the potential of us to help.

I could go into the detail of our desire to fund a Malaria eradication effort for which the local government officials have offered to train the villagers. I could go into detail on the project for clean water and the drilling and all the official authorizations we are involved in. This could happen at any time. I could go into detail about the danger surrounding the current latrine situations and the dire need to help with this. I could talk to you about the economic potential that will come with electricity when that is funded and approved. I could share with you all the plans and opportunity that will come when the vehicle is delivered.

These are all worthy issues and in their time will be overcome. Greater than any of these, in my opinion, the urgent issue for today, is for us to gather the 1000 who will come alongside in a small way and open the doors to the future for the village of Rionchogu …

It would be great if a few people with the financial ability would step up and help here, but my spirit has not followed that course, rather, I am believing that if you and me, each of us who receive this will tell just a few and genuinely ask for their help at $10.00 or $20.00 a month, we will not have any issues of finance for such potential that exists. My goal, our goal, has been for the past year, to find 1000 people who are willing to give up a lunch a month to change the future for this village.

There are so many things on the horizon that can make such a difference. We are not called to change the world, but to come alongside this village for a season, to reach out in love and encouragement and to find some way to provide resources for the season they need to become self sustaining.

I am not asking someone else I am asking you, help me, please.

If you are one who has already reached out, thank you so very much. If you are still wondering if this is for you, the answer is yes. You are called by association. The price you pay for knowing me.

All abundance comes from our God, I pray that This God of our eternity and history will bless you and keep you in His favor.

Just know that this is a letter of love, for the village and for you.

I can not keep it to myself, in His love and by His Grace,

Be blessed

Bud Potter