It is time for Africa to be lifted to the top of the awareness ladder. By this I mean that for me I have spent July in many ways, out of touch with you, the people who provide the encouragement for all we do in Kenya.

WOW, the time is close to decide if you are going with us in October, don’t hesitate on this one it promises to be incredible. We must close the door of opportunity due to the fact that names for international travel must be submitted in a timely fashion so the travelers can be approved by Homeland Security and also the window grows short for any that have not had all their Vaccinations or do not yet have possession of a valid Passport as required for this travel. If we could we would hold it open until the last minute, but for the purpose of encouraging you to talk about this to friends and acquaintances the time is short.

Our cup simply ‘runneth’ over for the upcoming expedition. The events of the last few weeks have left us with great excitement . . .and . . . humility, by what has been prepared for this journey. I wish you would come with us, I pray some of you will hear in your heart of hearts, Go . . . There is no way I can give you even a close appreciation of what awaits you. We are going to meet a new friend in Nairobi for the final travel to Rionchogu. Our new friend has come forward as one Called by God to provide resource for a future for Rionchogu. What this means exactly we do not know, but it will be beyond our imaginations, it already is.

As is typical of my interaction when the Spirit of God is at hand, I sometimes try to control things too much. I know, I know, you all never do that but it is a rather disgusting habit I am trying to rid myself of. I think sometimes God leaves it as a piece of my personality just so he can laugh with me when I say, again, forgive me father, for I do not know what I do, when I do it, only afterwards do I see.

The reason for my confession is to give you some background on the current circumstances leading up to October. During our April visit to Rionchogu, during a particularly emotional meeting with the elders of the village my brother in Faith and partner in ministry Terry Debay made what I considered an outrageous declaration to this group of strangers in a strange land. He stood before the men and in the boldest voice said, ‘I am committed to do what it takes to bring a vehicle to this village to provide transportation for the elderly and the sick and injured’. Then he added, “I believe God would have me do this”. Kiefa and I had just had this conversation about being careful about making promises and trying to make sure the voice of hope came from Go and Do Likewise through the local leadership and Zap, Terry makes his verbal commitment! Well you can understand my frustration, right, can’t you? Don’t answer.

In June a conversation began between Mr. Debay and a gentleman from a far away place. This conversation has been focused on the possibility of funding for a vehicle for Rionchogu. Yes, that’s right, a vehicle for Rionchogu. Much discussion has taken place and much planning. The connections are close and without a doubt, directed by the Hand of our loving God. There is a lot of detail and it is being worked out. Where to house it, who owns it, who drives it, frankly a lot of questions more important to us in many ways than to the GAD Kenya leadership, who see so much hope and future and witness and ministry this vehicle can provide.

As of today, these funds (privately provided, single donor) (which do not affect the giving received for the education, health or economic opportunity we have been working for), have been received and provided to GAD Kenya leadership to begin the construction of a ‘garage’ to insure the vehicle is secured and protected. The plan is for the vehicle to be available to transport the baggage of the travelers to the village. It is only appropriate, but also a piece of the plan, that the villagers will be providing the unskilled labor for all the construction. Only materials and skilled mason is to be purchased with the funds provided.

I am almost afraid to share the latest in this story with you. How ever, as long as I have shared this much, why not share all we know. The man from a far away place, and who requires that he be anonymous, has instructed Terry to enlarge the garage to accommodate two vehicles, one of which will be a 12+ passenger vehicle and the other outfitted to function as an ambulance and work to see that they are both available as soon as possible. Well for an old control freak, this is just too much.

To top off this, the man has told us that he and an assistant, who happens to be a young Christian man from Kenya, will be meeting us in Nairobi when we go in October. Go figure. So it goes when stepping out in dependence on the living God. We are totally unable to accomplish anything, but He who is God can accomplish all things according to His purpose through those that love Him. We are living each day in new appreciation for the authority and Living Grace that is our God.

As of today there are only two committed travelers in October. Mr. Debay and I will be leaving on October 5th. We sincerely seek for others to join us. If you have any, even small, hint in your spirit that you should venture into this, than by all means, pray and step. We know it all begins with the first step. The only thing, be prepared to have your life changed. As Bret Van Leeuwen told me, you will fall in love. These incredible people will invade your understanding of community and your life will be connected to them in some way forever. I warn you too, you should be prepared for the Living God to intersect your life in an unexpected way. Not through my experience but through your own. Oh yes, age is not an issue, Terry is 75 and I am a kid at 66, and God met both of us in total newness of understanding and love for Him.

As for the other pieces of ‘looking ahead’ we are planning for the travelers to work on building a latrine for the elderly women. We will help with the garage construction if it is not completed. We will be planning (asking God) for direction in the pursuit of electricity being brought in. Water and sanitation continue to be atop the list for the short future. There will be discussion concerning a library for the primary school and dormitories for the closest secondary school which today can not house any students. We will be meeting with all the leadership as our stay includes a Saturday and the Board will meet on that day. There will be time to stroll the village and surrounding areas. Meet people in their own places and talk of the love and kindness of our God and urge those who do not yet know Him personally to take that step.

Unfortunately with just two travelers our capacity to take items for the village will be reduced but we will be collecting through September.

I told you of the vehicles to let you know what is going on, my fear is that somehow you might think that your regular contribution to the scholarships and daily efforts to help these people are not important. The truth is, in my heart, I know a few will come for specific purpose, but many with little will be the backbone of our ministry in Rionchogu. Once again I ask, no beg you to consider support through Acceptiva for $10 or $20 a month. (Less than a lunch or even a Starbuck and sandwich) Or you could drive 40 miles less each month and send the money for Rionchogu. I can not imagine why I am so exhausted writing this. Yes there is excitement in what has happened with regards to the vehicles, but mostly for me the encouragement is from you and the excitement for the future of the children.

May God bless you and bring peace to your heart and pour out in you blessings to help us.

Don’t stay home if God calls you to go.


Bud – Baba Mogaka