2008 – FRIDAY, AUGUST 29

WOW what a ride.

There are times when I think I understand how Dorothy must have felt when she asked her little dog Toto, if she were in Kansas. One thing for sure, our God is far beyond any wizard hiding behind a curtain, and His intimacy is far beyond giving us good instruction on how to live, even with courage and heart. So you may ask, what has this to do with the ongoing purpose in Rionchogu. Well, nothing and everything.

We are not living a fantasy, even though events may seem as such, or at least give some resemblance. It is equally, for me, as difficult to find the words or expressions to convey the depth and breadth of God’s hand in this effort as it must have been for the trio of adventurers to know what was ahead. It is good to keep reminding ourselves, God so Loved the world that he gave His only begotten son, that who so ever would believe in Him would have eternal life. I allow for eternal and Kingdom to be interchangeable for current purposes.

If you sense a little preaching going on, please forgive me. I am being taken past new comfort levels in, my own walk. Just when I think I have God figured out, he moves to dislodge me from the comfort of the familiar and move me into a new place of dependence and reliance, oh yes, and amazement. You would think it would get old. Such is not the case. In fact the most invigorating pieces of my life and time are the transformations taking place right before me and in me. I am, we are, blessed above all men, for He has put His hand on His purpose for Rionchogu and revealed His love active in serving others.

Thanks for your indulgence.

I do want to update you my beloveds on our dance of joy we call Working Together to Glorify God in Rionchogu. The October Trip is getting close. In His perfect planning God has determined for three to go. These are Terry Debay, Ecar Oden and me (Bud Potter). We will leave on October 5 and stay the night in London the 6th going on to Nairobi where we will stay at least on night before heading for the village.

I plan to give you more detail on the plans for our time in the village as we get closer. For this update I hope to give you some view of the current efforts, projects and status for and from your support and prayer.

The garage is under construction and the final arrangements for the purchase of the ambulance and 12 passenger vehicle will be completed in September when our friend Frank Khoie will go to Nairobi to meet with Pastor Kiefa and David our vehicle contact to complete the purchase. We continue to be blessed by the called out nature of Frank’s humility and his understanding of the Spirit of God directing His participation.

Thanks to your support we have taken steps to begin the process to bring water to the village. This is very exciting. Your donations have provided for the initial Hydrology survey to determine just what the issues will be to bring up the water. The plan will include a well or wells. We will also incorporate on-going pumping and storage and some type of delivery system.

You may remember that through the focus and determination of our Alan Marcum, who has been keeping us on target for clean water, we have connected with an organization, GWAKO, they manage the water drilling, hygiene training and sanitation guidelines for Lifewater in western Kenya. They are working with our Kenya leadership to provide the information necessary for us to begin. Again thank you all for your financial support and Alan for your encouragement. You are making a difference.

Next on the update list are cows. Once again we say a thank you for your financial support. We have funded the purchase of 4 cows. The initial purpose is to provide supplemental nourishment for children. These cows will be the foundation for future expansion as the program develops. The five year goal is for the families to work together, expand the involvement as the cows give birth and work together to provide for the nourishment of the orphan children as well.

We will watch this with excitement and expectation.

The leadership in Rionchogu is currently interviewing a young man who has been accepted for University education to become a teacher. If his application is accepted and he agrees to bring his education to the village and help in the local schools the GAD Kenya board will present him to us for Scholarship. This will be the second funded scholarship to University. We currently are sponsoring a young woman who is in training to be a nurse.

So it goes, so much comes possible, so much is dependant on your support. I pray you will continue to share what we are doing with your friends and associates. We need more who are willing as well to give a little. This is our foundation.

As we speak the music ministry of Kenyoro Christian Fellowship is working on the program for our joint worship during the trip. There is a new boy’s choir. We hope to bring home and share the sound, maybe even video of this group. SO much, I know I am leaving out but there will be time again.

To give you an example of how this works after my last update a friend and supporter emailed the address of a relative who was involved in ministry work related to electrical infrastructure. We have since connected, made initial exploration and will begin the dialogue to bring electricity to the village within the year. You see, it works like this a life touches a life, touches a life, touches a life. Within us we have all the potential to change lives we do not even know. To give a hope and a future where there was none. To see children, healthy children, where before disease was the victor. We, you, us do make a difference. We don’t just hear or read about but we do the stuff of life. How blessed we are. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

May God bless you and may you be provided the opportunity to have us share the story with your group or church.

Bud Potter