2008 – MONDAY, SEPT 29

What a ride, I remember years ago the rides at Disneyland were coded alphabetically and the most exciting were called the ‘E’ tickets. Well we have been on an ‘E’ ticket ride for sure.

On such a ride it was not unusual for a sudden turn to come up and you would almost lose your sense of up and down. All those senses are in fullness within our experience as we approach the October visit. So when you might say . . . I thought . . . when you hear of a change in our plans, just know, this is an ‘E’ ticket and one great lesson we are learning is to go forth only with peace. So it is that we are taking the next step. Peace abounds, even though by appearance it seem as uncertain change. For this time and hopefully not to become a regular practice, I am traveling solo to Kenya in October.

Sometimes it is as if the Lord says, your plan is not my plan, so off we go, determined to be obedient to the voice which calls.

As of today a vehicle has been purchased for use in the village as transportation including transporting injured and very sick people for medical care. The vehicle will also be used to transport supplies and other issues where before fees were paid anytime such a need was faced. The vehicle is owned by GAD Kenya and will be operating under the direction and purpose of the leadership of GAD Kenya. Our God has moved swiftly to show His hand for the efforts to Glorify Him.

We have received the report of the water survey and will be talking about the next steps as we meet with the GAD Kenya Board during the trip. To support the water effort an individual has set a donated fund for the water purpose. We do not know the additional monies we will need yet. But I am confident the resource will be available.

The first 4 cows have been purchased and 3 are placed, one waiting for the ‘cow shed’ fencing to be completed. Today’s report is that 3 are giving 2 pints daily. Such a blessing for them, today, thanks to you who have joined us financially, children are receiving the nourishment of milk, which has not been a part of their previous diet.

We are taking eye glasses, donated by a number of local sources, for a church outreach that we believe will provide better vision to some in the village and surrounding area. The women of the church will hold a gathering for those with poor vision with the hope that in those glasses we bring will be better sight for many. Due to the reduced number of travelers the capacity for additional baggage is diminished so I will not be asking for donations of any sort. With the glasses, new t-shirts I am taking for the village, the clothing we have already received and other items already assembled, there is just no room.

As for other updates on the different ministry efforts, reports are coming back to us regarding the micro-franchise efforts. Women have literally changed their life style, from one of alcohol and selling themselves, to one of buying and selling products to find a life giving means of support.

In my heart I know, the village is finding hope in your love and support. All I can say is, I pray you will continue to come alongside us and that you will also talk to others about what is going on in Rionchogu. We are far short of our goal for the number of people who will support all the various ministry efforts going on in Rionchogu at just $10 or $20 dollars a month. It is not much, even in our economic times, to commit $10 a month.

Finally, closer to home, we are taking steps to upgrade our website. Our goal is to make it more visual, and to articulate our message to a younger and more tech-savvy generation. The hope is that the GAD Kenya web site will be fully functional by October 3rd.

More on the local front, we have made arrangement for printing T-shirts for Go and Do Likewise. One will have the GAD Kenya logo. Due to the complexity the shirts will not be inexpensive, but they will be attractive, colorful and they will show the logo as close to the original as possible. We have authorized the printing of a second t-shirt which says simply, Lift up Jesus. This is our statement of purpose. All these will be available for purchase to support the greater cause of the ministry.

Keeping with our pledge, the only funds used to secure any web site or t-shirt or any other general administrative effort come from those who have stated a desire to help in that manner. The donation we receive through Acceptiva or which are not marked specifically to be used for the general efforts of the ministry are used 100% for the direct ministry in Rionchogu.

This is our pledge and our promise.

Pray for all of us, and for those who will come forward to help. This is worthy, we are not people doing people stuff, we are children of the Most High, going and doing what He has set before us. The purpose is His, the outcome is His, His reward to those who hear His voice is His. We are blessed to be in this place, we are His recompense.

Bud Potter