Reflections; 2013

A new season, a New Year.  We are so thankful for the many who stood with us in 2013, who traveled with us and who gave a hand up to a family, student or project.  Regularly we are blessed with news of a growing self awareness from the leadership of GAD Kenya, the people of Rionchogu, both adult and student.  Most recently, as is usual for this time, while students are home for a term break, a seminar is held for parents and students alike.
I remember when we had the ground breaking seminar in 2010, a strange (for them) context where students actually stood to share their struggles with their parents about the conflicts raised between studies and other chores. About the hardship of studying with little or no light. About the difficulty of school without family support.  The parents also stood to speak to their student children of their need for help and assistance in the home.
This year a feature of a seminar held just last week was the return of three University students who spoke to the current student group about taking advantage of the potential in education.  They came as a group, GAD Kenya Student Alumni.  Dedicated to passing on the reality of hope and Faith.  In addition, as we started to witness in the most recent years, parents came forward to take a more dedicated stance to commit resources to encouraging the students.  A self funded beginning of scholarships for performance, while the abilities are very small for now, the path is a correct one.  While these are very poor people they still find a way to encourage.