One Giant Step – Ezekiel Nyambane

Ezekiel NyambaneEzekiel did very well in his first two years of Secondary, his family could afford to have him attend a good Secondary boarding school. Then in 2012 things changed and the family could no longer afford the boarding school so day school was his only opportunity. Because his grades were high Mr. Nyambane approached GAD Kenya to seek assistance to keep his son in school at the highest level of potential.  Both the father and son visited us at the GAD Kenya compound to present themselves and their commitment to repay in kind, someday.  Ezekiel finished his secondary education in 2013.  He had worked hard, he had visited us again in 2013 while we were in Kenya, both Mr and Mrs Nyambane visited also to say thank you.

Ezekiel scored one of the highest scores in fact he scored high enough to earn a Government funded University Scholarship.
Congratulations to Ezekiel and the Nyambane family, stay the course, we are proud of you.