Just a Few Can Do So Much

Contact writer of LA Time’s Laguna Beach Pilot, Bryce Alderton, reported on a group of highschool students at Laguna Beach High that have raised two thirds of the needed funds to provide a generator for Oloolaimutia Elementary School in Kenya. This project that not only will provide 5 hours of electricity per day for 20 classrooms, it also provides an income opportunity for local Kenyan women who use their native skills making leather beaded bracelets that the students sell to raise the funds.

In an elective Model United Nations Foundation class, foundation President and highschool senior Rose Niermeijer has spearheaded this successful campaign that was part of a four-year ongoing project to assist Oloolaimutia Elementary School by Laguna Beach High teacher and foundation advisor Jun Shen.

Well done Laguna Beach High, well done class of 2016! Click here to read the full article.