Ecobank’s Education Campaign

As reported by Christine Muchira on the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation‘s website today, at least 16 of the less fortunate schools in Kenya will be the beneficiaries of assistance through Ecobank’s philanthropy interventions. These schools will receive basic tools, from pencils to classrooms.

Kenya, since having proclaimed free primary school and with rumors of making secondary school free as well, has seen a substantial country-wide increase in student enrollment. It appears that the government understands the importance of education in decreasing poverty while increasing the overall economic potential. It’s new constitution (2010) gives many new personal rights to the masses, especially for girls/women. Education is the only sure way to keep the uplifting momentum of Kenya going.

Education is at the top of the agenda as the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expiring at the end of 2015. October 24th has been been adopted by 36 African countries as Ecobank Day due to the company’s efforts to raise education and health standards across the African continent.

In making primary education compulsory and free for all, Kenya has therefore witnessed an upsurge in school enrollment. However, there still remains a challenge at secondary school level where costs are high and out of reach for some people. Ecobank seeks to fill this gap to ensure smooth learning for underprivileged children.Ecobank Kenya Managing Director Ehouman Kassi

Though not all schools in Kenya will benefit from Ecobank’s educational gifting, we at Go and Do Likewise understand that every effort counts and every effort contributes as a whole. Our primary goal in the assistance to the village of Rionchogu has focused on education as the key to unlocking potential and self-responsibility for a lasting positive change. Consider helping us to continue this goal by making a secure donation here.

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