2012 in Review

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We are so very thankful for the support of those who have dedicated their resource to assist the community in Rionchogu, Kenya.  The year 2012 has been significant in many areas and much has been accomplished.  The leadership is very committed as are the students and the villagers but the real hero’s for us are those of you who stand with us and provide the financial ability for the work. When we began 2012 we were met with the dilemma of having more approved students than we had funds for school fees.  It was a difficult time yet we were presented with circumstance which, literally, is unheard of in Kenya.  The school administrators of various schools, due to the reputation and previous dedication of GA Kenya, allowed for those students to attend classes rather than sending them home, which is normal for unpaid fees.  These schools gave us a 3 month window to provide the fees before the students would be sent home.  Because of the many of you who stepped forward in early 2012 to increase your support or to take on the whole year expense for a student with a single donation of $360.00 many fees were provided.  Additionally we had planned to make two visits to the village and the number of travelers allowed us to secure the balances due to schools prior to the end of March deadline which had been imposed.  It was in our eyes a miracle. Our plans for 2012 included a second addition to the rebuilding of the Neema Nuru Academy.  The first cement block and concrete building was completed in 2010.  Once again with the continuing support of open donations and the traveler fees we were able to construct the second phase during the early days of the second groups visit.  When it was determined to venture further to construct a third replacement section some of our travelers ‘phoned home’ and the response was clear we were to go forward.  At this same time we received a visit from a group dedicated to providing alternative energy for rural Kenya groups so we made the decision to complete the school rebuild, which is another miracle, and subsequently we received a multi level proposal for alternative energy from access:energy the group working to bring this energy to rural Kenya.  We are currently working to secure funding for this alternative energy option as a 2013 project. Certainly one of the most profound acts of 2012 was the entrance into University of two of our sponsored youth.  We are very proud of the students, their families and the progress they have made, we know these are the first but not the last.  Education of the emerging generation continues to be our core focus.  It is, though, the education of all of us that continues to emerge as the greatest reward.

To say thank you seems a cliché, but when it comes from
the depth of love we experience it really is much more.