Is each day all it can be?

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OR should I even contemplate that?

I tend to be a procrastinator at the base level of daily activity. I am not sure how many are similar or on the other end of process which for me would be to get out and go, do something, for that is the purpose of a day and to find any peace at all one must be busy. I am well aware and agree that there are many shades and for many reasons valid circumstance for changes in any days approach to life. However I do submit that over a period of time we tend to be more one than the other. Either extreme, however, has, as do things of extreme, more potential for bearing the mark of our personal agenda rather than some participation in a purpose greater than ourselves.

What has this to do with Going and Doing? OK, now think about your reaction, there are two answers to this question; everything and nothing. Each has, I think, its own expectations of outcome and purpose of activities and efforts or any focus. For my purpose the real question is not how do we approach the day from the perspective of our personality or individual priorities as to the importance of our actions, rather from what, where or who do we get our sense of these directions or priorities of purpose each day. It is in this context that I place the validity of each and every day, even those days when I am far from the perfect mark of the greater purpose of authority. (They are really the same).

Going and Doing seems an acceptable way to practice the obvious thoughts such as ‘simple acts of kindness’ or ‘do unto others’ or ‘take the extra step’ or ‘reach out’. Actually any action to help another person may well be included in this category. I would agree that any of these can be positive interactions and provide a degree of satisfaction towards one’s own sense of supportive social activity. I would allow also that these are each very important to a healthy community of any peoples who have a determination or focus to live and work , one alongside the other, for the greater good of all.

If only it were this easy for us to determine the activity which is THE activity today for the greater purpose of the Holy Spirit within us. I must remind us that the Christian Faith expresses that there are two spirits, one of destruction and one of life. The spirit alive in the world and that which is in control of this world is that of destruction. Because of the fallen nature of the world the spirit of destruction is the immediate spirit for each of us unless we learn to pursue the relationship with the Spirit of LIFE. We speak of the spirit of destruction as the deceiver, so much of what we hear from and learn from this voice is opposed to the full purpose which we are appointed to and are gifted for. I submit this is true even when we are at our best behavior in real community. I understand I may be taking on the giant of the religious tradition of my choice (Martin Luther) but I expect there is more to living the full life appointed to each of us than doing our best each day to be a good Christian.

All of this is to suggest that we, those who confess and declare a faith in the risen Christ and a dependence on the Holy Spirit of God for our daily guidance into or onto that path of His appointing, are woefully short of our potential by trying. It is not what or how or when we try, trying is not the issue. It is, hard as it is in reality, the learned skill of listening to and being willingly obedient to the voice of the Spirit of the Living God. Bound within that is the absolute certainty that we will make mistakes of discernment and step out in incorrect efforts, but still the goal is to learn to hear the voice of the Spirit.

The Voice alone is the single necessary ingredient for fulfillment of the purpose of daily life.